We work for clients from all over the country. The core business is providing long-term comprehensive accounting services to clients. We process accounting, tax accounting and payroll.

BOHEMIA Production | Účetnictví

Bookkeeping and tax records

  • Accounting diary – accounting entries are arranged in terms of time (in chronological order) as consecutive followed carrying cases
  • Home book – accounting entries are arranged in terms of content (systematically)
  • Books analytical evidence – further elaborate on the accounting ledger entries
  • The book claims
  • Paper commitments
  • cashbook
  • Other supporting evidence, survey reports according to client requirements

Processing of tax returns

  • Income tax on individuals
  • Corporate income persons
  • Value added tax
  • road tax
  • gift tax
  • Real estate transfer tax

Complete payroll processing

  • All payroll and personnel records of employees
  • payroll sheets
  • Accounting for Pension Security
  • Upon termination of employment with the employee to perform Out CSSA health insurance, preparation and submission of ELDZ, credit worksheet confirmation
  • Prepare a confirmation of taxable income employees
  • We represent clients during inspections at MSSZ (CSSA), health insurance companies and financial offices